Bunkering services

Starbunker OÜ provides physical supply, trading and brokering services.


About Us

Starbunker OÜ, was founded in 2007 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The company is a physical bunker supplier of marine fuel and engine oil in the Estonian and Latvian ports. Relying on our extensive experience, we are able to provide to our customers the products that correspond the ISO 8217: 2010 standards, in the right assortment and on beneficial terms for our customers.
Starbunker OÜ operates own bunker tankers and motor vehicles taking into the consideration international convention requirements and regional state laws.

According to the results in 2016 our company reached the highest credit rating level of AAA. Only 3.8% of Estonian companies have the same credit rating. It is assigned according to the economic prospects, financial indicators and positive outcome of company activity.

Our professional team that is well known to the shipping and bunkering industry will be more than happy to assist our customers by providing high quality service and wide range of products.

Guaranteed quality

Quality is the priority number one for us. All of our products correspond the ISO 8217: 2010 standards.

High standards of service

We are focused on our customers and strive to provide them high quality services.

Effective logistics scheme

A complex approach provides a reliable and necessary level of logistics process handling.

Individual approach

The individual approach to each request enables our professional team to solve any challenging task. Thus, we guarantee confidentiality of cooperation, safety of cargo and delivery in a timely manner.

More than 15 years of experience

During our last 15 years in a bunkering industry, we reached a high professional level and gained a unique experience.

Flexible credit policy

We provide a credit line on the beneficial terms to our customers shortly.

Company services

We offer a wide assortment of products for reasonable prices on delivery terms that are the best for our customers.



We can supply all grades of marine fuel oil such as Gasoil DMA 0,1 % sulph, IFO 380 CST RMG 380 and IFO 80 RMD 80 0,1% sul (ULSFO).Read More »



We perform supply of customer’s vessel by operating tankers and motor vehicles.Read More »



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Our Starbunker OÜ team will be more than happy to help our customers to find best solution.