Owing to our extensive experience in bunkering industry and high professional level of our team we acknowledged the importance of providing our customers only with fuel that corresponds the quality standards.


The low viscosity marine fuel is used for high-speed vessels, medium-speed diesel engines and for gas turbines. The viscosity parameters correspond the European standard ISO 3104. The diesel fuel cetane characteristics correspond the European standard ISO 5165.


ISO 8217:2010 Fuel Standard for marine distillate fuels

Max.Viscosity at 40°C (mm2/s)5.5006.0006.00011.00
Min.Viscosity at 40°C (mm2/s)1.4002.0003.0002.000
Max.Micro Carbon Residue at 10% Residue (% m/m)0.300.300.30-
Max.Density at 15°C (kg/m3)-890.0890.0900.0
Max.Micro Carbon Residue (% m/m)---0.30
Max.Sulphur (% m/m)1.001.501.502.00
Max.Water (% V/V)---0.30
Max.Total sediment by hot filtration (% m/m)---0.10
Max.Ash (% m/m)0.0100.0100.0100.010
Min.Flash point (0°C)
Max.Pour point in Summer (0°C)-006
Max.Pour point in Winter (°C)--6-60
Max.Cloud point (°C)-16---
Min.Calculated Cetane Index45404035
Max.Acid Number (mgKOH/g)
Max.Oxidation stability (g/m3)25252525
Max.Lubricity, corrected wear scar diameter (wsd 1.4 at 60°C) (um)520520520520
Max.Hydrogen sulphide (mg/kg)
AppearanceClear & BrightClear & BrightClear & Bright-

ISO 8217:2010 Fuel Standard for marine residual fuels

LimitParameter.................................RMA 10RMB 30RMD 80RME 180RMG
180, 380, 500, 700
380, 500, 700
Max.Viscosity at 50°C (mm2/s)10.0030.0080.00180.0180, 380, 500, 700380, 500, 700
Max.Density at 15°C (kg/m3)920.0960.0975.0991.0991.01010.0
Max.Micro Carbon Residue (% m/m)2.5010.0014.0015.0018.0020.00
Max.Aluminium + Silicon (mg/kg)254040506060
Max.Sodium (mg/kg)5010010050100100
Max.Ash (% m/m)0.0400.0700.0700.0700.1000.150
Max.Vanadium (mg/kg)50150150150350450
Max.Water (% V/V)0.300.500.500.500.500.50
Max.Pour point (upper) in Summer (°C)6630303030
Max.Pour point (upper) in Winter (°C)0030303030
Min.Flash point (°C)
MaxSulphur (% m/m)
Statutory requirements
MaxTotal Sediment, aged (% m/m)
MaxAcid Number (mgKOH/g)
Used lubricating oils (ULO):
Calcium and Zinc; or Calcium and
Phosphorus (mg/kg)
The fuel shall be free from ULO, and shall be considered to contain ULO
when either one of the following conditions is met:
Calcium > 30 and zinc > 15; or Calcium > 30 and phosphorus > 15.
MaxHydrogen sulphide (mg/kg)


The line of marine oils offered by our company ensures a complete filling of lubricant needs for any marine machinery, including auxiliaries.

All engine and machinery products are delivered in bulk and barrels. Logistics possibilities allow to perform delivery with customs clearance to any port of Estonia and Latvia.


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